Oral Surgery and Dental Surgery in Apple Valley, Burnsville, Savage MN and Surrounding Areas

Maintaining oral hygiene and oral health is essential to everybody. While some issues of tooth decay or cavities are solved in a sitting or two, there are others which require an oral surgery. If your dentist has also recommended a surgery for you, then you should immediately look for the right healthcare center and get it done by an experienced periodontist or orthodontist. We, at Dakota Valley Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery are known for our comprehensive and quality dental solutions, procedures, and surgeries. We have highly qualified and experienced dentists who can provide you with an advanced care and the right treatment even after the surgery. So, if you belong to areas like Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Owatonna, Savage MN, or Shakopee, you can rely on us.

Oral Surgery, Dental Surgery, Apple Valley, Burnsville, Savage MNAre you wondering for which oral issues you might need to undergo a surgery? Then, here we have a few common reasons why you may need an oral surgery. Take a look.

  • Wisdom Tooth Operation

Wisdom tooth is quite a common issue that is often faced by people in their late teens or early twenties. It formed and starts negatively impacting the alignment of the coexisting teeth, which can cause infection and excruciating pain and extreme discomfort. Oral surgery can alleviate the wisdom teeth with the help of an incision in the gum.

  • Bone Grafting

Due to infection or damage during a traumatic injury, your oral bones can deteriorate. Then, bone grafting can help. This surgical procedure supports the structure of the mouth by using the healthy bone from other parts of the body and rebuilds the weakened jaw areas.

So, what are you thinking? Don’t be scared to undergo this kind of a surgery. If you are in the right hands, then you will not face any problem and the issue will be treated from the roots. And to get surgical assistance from us, you must contact us immediately.