Our Latest Patient Testimonial

During a very traumatic time in my life I was told by my dentist that I needed a tooth extracted. I made a first time appointment with Dr Angie and was quite nervous over the whole thing. Having read some of the reviews I didn't fear the procedure itself so much but was very apprehensive of the pain of getting the initial anesthesia injection as I have experienced in the past. I did tell them that I really wasn't feeling brave right now. I shouldn't have worried, they had this well covered as also. My experience in the office was actually very good. Dr Angie and her assistant (I sooo wish I could remember her name) were so very caring and attentive. The sweet attendant never left my side and was very supportive. I believe I was in and out in under an hour. I would DEFINITELY recommend Dakota Valley for oral needs! They show care about each patient from the front desk to the procedure to the final payment. The previous year I had to have an extraction at a different clinic. Painful injection. Left unattended in the room waiting, waiting, waiting for the procedure. I was left alone a full 40 minutes of the two hours I was there. Then the doctor breezed in, did the job and left. Obviously I was one on his busy todo list. That one I never plan to return to again.

- Joy M

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