Wisdom Teeth Removal in Apple Valley, Savage MN, Lakeville MN, and all the Surrounding Areas

Painless wisdom teeth are easy to ignore but the ones that lead to bleeding gums, jaw swelling or pain, along with inflamed and irritated gums or damage to the surrounding areas have to be removed. It can even lead to periodontal disease. Therefore, you should take your wisdom tooth seriously and resort to a good dentist. We, at Dakota Valley, can examine the position of your wisdom teeth and accordingly suggest the treatment, including surgical methods if the removal deems necessary. We have highly trained, licensed, and experienced dentists who can handle your wisdom tooth removal successfully. So, if you are based in areas like Apple Valley, Burnsville, Lakeville MN, Owatonna, Savage MN, and Shakopee, you can resort to us. 

Here, we have put together a few reasons why removing the wisdom teeth is necessary. Take a look. 

  1. Inflammation or Infection 

Wisdom teeth often result in gum inflammation due to restricted space and partial impactions which leads to painful gum disease or other health issues. Inflammation is difficult to alleviate once it sets in and also is likely to spread quickly. If your tooth is partially impacted, then a gap between the tooth and the gum often becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which can increase the chances of infection drastically.  

  1. Overcrowding 

Wisdom tooth usually tries to find place in an already crowded area. Since it gets limited space to move into, the neighboring teeth are pushed aside, often leading to misalignment. It can disrupt the dental system and needless to say, ruin your straight smile. 

  1. Cyst 

There is also a chance of tumor or cyst formation in the jawbone if the wisdom tooth is not removed. This will further lead to joint pain which will require a specialized TMJ treatment. 


So, what are you thinking? If you want to get your wisdom tooth removed by us, call us at 651-452-6933 or 888-641-6270 now.