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Pain Management & Opioid Prescribing

At Dakota Valley Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we take the ongoing opioid epidemic very seriously and are doing our part to combat this very real public health crisis. We are incredibly proud of the fine work that our very own, Dr. Angie Rake, is doing on behalf of patients and prescribing doctors. Dr. Rake’s responsible opioid prescription advocacy was catapulted by a series of unfortunate events that greatly impacted her. Namely, the circumstances of her younger brother and his ongoing battle with opioid/heroin addiction, coupled with the untimely passing of entertainer Prince, whom she greatly admired.

Thanks to her affiliation with the University of Minnesota, Dr. Rake has had the privilege of advocating for responsible opioid prescribing on a larger platform. She has participated in numerous lectures advocating through education to other dental/medical professionals who are also responsible for opioid patient prescribing.

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“My plea as a prescribing surgeon, daughter, wife, mother, and fellow human being, is for all of us to educate ourselves and our patients about opioids: weigh the benefits with the risks and change prescribing patterns.” Angela Rake, DDS


Information about opioids from Health and Human Services and the CDC:

Our in-office patient agreement/consent form on receiving opioids for pain management:

Links to media coverage on opioids featuring Dr. Angie Rake:

If you are suffering from addiction or need help:

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