Wisdom Teeth Removal in Savage MN, Apple Valley, Shakopee, and all the Nearby Cities

As opposed to the popular belief, cavities are not the only reason for tooth extraction. Many times the truth grows improperly or the alignment of your teeth set is not right; these 2 can be resolved by a tooth extraction surgery. The surgeons at Dakota Valley Oral and Maxillofacial have performed innumerable number of wisdom tooth extraction successfully. They are immensely talented, highly knowledgeable and skilled to know that the removal of a single tour often needs to chewing problems and hence they will sit down with you to discuss alternatives to the extraction. The people of Apple Valley, Savage, MN, Burnsville, Eagan, Lake while, MN, Shakopee trust our doctors as they take great care while performing the extraction process like numbing the tooth and jaw bone area with a local anesthetic I’m making sure that you feel nothing while the tooth is being taken out of the socket. 

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Savage MN, Apple Valley, Shakopee

Below we have mentioned 2 factors to keep in mind during a wisdom tooth extraction. Take a look. 

  • Be honest about your medical history 

You should never hide your medical history from your doctor. This will hinder them from doing the necessary procedures and you might end up with infections and other side effects. So, before starting the extraction process, you should inform your doctor about any kind of medications that you are already taking. 

  • Be prepared 

 Your surgeon might ask you to fast before your surgery, at times even for 12 hours before the procedure. If you have an infection, the doctor might not go ahead with the surgery; you also have to be prepared for that. Also, often there are a few side effects like pain, infection, damage to the surrounding bone and tissue that you might have to face post surgery. 

So, if you want to get an oral surgery done from a respectable and trustworthy dentist, you can get in touch with us.