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We are glad you found your way to our Apple Valley, Minnesota dental surgery information portal. Our practice, Dakota Valley Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, is dedicated to the health and well-being of people throughout Dakota County. We take our commitment personally because we view ourselves as locals helping our neighbors stay healthy.

People that enjoy the benefits every day are well aware of the fact that this community is an extraordinary place to live. However, the national media has been taking notice for years. Apple Valley consistently makes lists that are compiled ranking the best places to reside in the United States, and we would have to agree with these assessments.

Wherever you may be located, from the Gunflint Court/134th Street West area to the 140th Street West/Diamond Path section and everywhere in between, if you ever need an oral surgeon in Apple Valley, Minnesota, we will be standing by to assist you.

Smile Brightly Once Again

If you are missing a tooth, it can have a negative impact on a couple of different levels. It can be difficult to eat comfortably if there is a gap in a commonly utilized area, and this is one problem. Secondly, you are naturally going to feel self-conscious about smiling if you have a visible gap. Back in the day, the only solutions were partial dentures and fixed bridges, and they come with drawbacks.

When it comes to partials, wearers can never really feel confident, because they can slip at inopportune times. Fixed bridges are a better choice because they are semi-permanent, but the qualifier “semi” is quite operative. The teeth that are holding the bridge in place can eventually decay, and in some cases, the placement of the bridge can be risky from the outset.

Fortunately, we can now offer dental implants to Apple Valley, MN residents. The procedure only takes a few months from start to finish, and when it is completed, you will not be able to tell the difference between the new tooth and a natural tooth.

It will look and feel exactly like the real thing, but be forewarned: if you are like most of our patients, you will have one regret after your implant procedure. You will wish that you acted sooner, because this relatively simple dental surgery can change your life.

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